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Work Asia Contracting Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Work Management & Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd), is a one-stop integrated manpower services provider for recruitment and HR consultancy in Malaysia. Since it’s inception in 2015, it has strived to provide clients with professional service in human resource management and foreign manpower placement. The company keeps huge pool of professional and skilled workers for different industries.

Currently, under the umbrella of Work Asia International Recruitment Agency, Inc. headquartered in Philippines, the company has deployed over nine hundred skilled and professional workers all over Malaysia to manufacturing, service, IT, healthcare, construction, and hospitality industry.

To date, the company prides itself in being one of the most sought after manpower suppliers in Asian countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Japan and Middle East countries like Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To form professional, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to providing professional consulting and management services that help our customers become more productive and profitable.


To be recognized as an impactful, innovative and efficient consultancy for foreign workers in Malaysia.


  • Attestation of Job Order in respective Embassy of source country
  • Assess manpower requirements of clients
  • Maintain pool of ready-to-be deployed workers
  • Interview and prequalify workers
  • Cross check and verify credentials
  • Provide workers orientation and briefing
  • Trade Tests
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Post monitoring of deployed workers

Support Services

  • Airport Clearance
  • Medical Check-up
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Orientation & Counselling
  • Repatriation of Workers
  • Foreign Worker Insurance
    - Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS)
    - Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA)
    - Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)
  • Remittance/ Sending money to their families
    - Remittance / Assist workers to send money to their families

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